Check List

To pass your DofE you need to upload the following documents or complete forms on the DofE website.

It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to update your expedition record and keep copies of all the evidence required below.

Complete ALL of the fields on the form

  • Assessor Contact Details – this may be different to your Explorer Leader
  • Team Name: Tiger ESU + your team name
  • Start date: (date you start walking)
  • Location: Where you are going on your expedition
  • Start point: Grid Reference including the sheet reference
  • End point: Grid Reference including the sheet reference
  • Mode of travel: Walking, canoeing etc.
  • Days: Number of days your expedition will take
  • Journeying: Number of hours journey per day e.g. 3½,3½
  • Exploring: Number of hours exploring per day e.g. 3,3
  • Aim:  Agreed with your Leaders e.g. Tourism and environmental impact
  • Personal Goals: For example “I hope to become a better team worker”.
  • Expedition Notification Number: Only required for gold
  • Presented to: Who has watched and approved your presentation
  • Role: Their role e.g. DofE Assessor, DofE Supervisor
  • Date: The date you gave the presentation
  • Style: The method you gave the presentation e.g. PowerPoint, video etc.

Upload the following evidence documents:

  • Practice expedition route cards
  • Practice expedition maps
  • Final expedition route cards
  • Final expedition maps
  • Kit list
  • Menus for each day
  • Photos
  • Presentation