You must agree on your objectives with your DofE Supervisor (Chris or David) BEFORE YOU START your section.


It’s really important you keep your logs up to date. Don’t leave it to the end to do as you will find it very difficult. It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to do this!

If you find there are times when you have gaps in your logs then explain them. This could be for being away on holiday, illness, the group you are volunteering at, doing skills or physical with is closed. Putting this on your logs gives a legitimate reason for the gap. Could not be bothered is a legitimate reason.

If you do have gaps don’t forget to do extra hours to make the gaps up. You can download the logs on the link below.


Completion of a Section

To have a Physical, Volunteering or Skills section completed and signed off you must upload to eDofE:

  • Complete the assessor’s name and contact details
  • Logs with sufficient hours over the required period signed off by your Assessor
  • Photos of the activities you have been involved in
  • If you have volunteered in scouts your Young Leader Mod A certificate
  • Assessors Report

If you do not provide this information it will be rejected by DofE.

Assessor Report

Your Physical, Volunteering or Skills assessor is the person responsible for you when starting the section. For example, as a Young Leader, this will be the Beaver, Cub or Scout section leader, for physical this will be your instructor or coach.

When you complete one of the sections you need to obtain an assessor’s report. This is a very short note to explain how well you have done on the section and how you have progressed e.g. increased fitness, skills, team working etc.

Assessors MUST be independent. Therefore, they CAN NOT be a member of your family.

There is a form in the DofE packs you can use, or the assessor can send an email or complete the online Online Assessors Report

If your assessor is unsure what to do they can read the Guide to Adding Assessors Report

You need to provide the Assessor with your DofE participant number. You can find this by logging into your online DofE Account.