The DofE Award at Tiger ESU

All Explorers have the opportunity to enrol for The Duke of Edinburgh Award. The programme is introduced to explorers during meetings and parents can access our virtual introductions on this page to find out more about how the DofE programme works and what the costs are.




Explorers can enrol for the Bronze Award and can continue to the Silver Award then you can enrol for the prestigious Gold Award.

Check the latest DofE News and links to forms and PDFs in the Downloads section at the bottom of the page.



The Expedition element of the Bronze, Silver & Gold Award at Tiger ESU is run by Chris and DC. The Bronze & Silver expeditions have three parts; a one-day training session, a practice expedition, and an assessment expedition, and it is compulsory that students attend all three parts.

The Kit list is also available in the Downloads below.

If you are unable to provide these items, it may be possible to borrow rucksacks, sleeping bags etc. so please contact us if you have any concerns about the kit.

DofE sections

DofE students have to take part in four different activities; the Expedition, Volunteering, Skill and Physical. Gold Award students also have to participate in a five-day residential. Apart from the expedition, all activities should be organised independently by the students, who have to log their activities, upload any evidence, and then ask someone (not a parent) to write an Assessor Report for them.

The DofE website has a lot of useful information about the types of activities students can count towards their award, and forms and other information are available on our site. The Downloads and the Weblinks sections below contain links to useful information. Please bear in mind the following:

  • Volunteering must be for a not-for-profit organisation (the only exception to this is helping in a care home)
  • Volunteering does not include helping family members
  • Dance/fitness/sport are all considered to be Physical activities and not a Skill
  • Each section needs an Assessor. Parents cannot be Assessors

Tiger ESU leaders are Chris Ross and David Clarkson

We recommend that students check with the DofE leaders at Tiger ESU before commencing any activities which may not qualify under DofE regulations. Planning forms can be downloaded from the DofE website.

Useful documents and links

Useful documents such as enrolment letters and application forms, kit lists and programme ideas are available in the Downloads and Weblinks drop-down sections below.

Electronic Enrolment Form (Prefered)