It’s really important that you eat sufficient food to give you the energy to complete your expedition. It’s the one time you can ignore calories because you will burn them off during the expedition.

Remember one of your 20 expedition conditions is that you are seen to cook a substantial meal each day. The DofE has provided a meal planner to help you. Please note you don’t need supper/tea for the last day.

Your DofE diet should be compact and easy to carry. It needs to be high in slow-release carbs which provide energy and will help you throughout your expedition.

We strongly advise boiling in the complete bag meals as they are quick and easy to cook, save time, can be eaten straight out of the bag with no washing up, are nutritious, and in an emergency (check the package) most can be eaten cold. Sounds yuck but one day you may have to. You can also use the water to make a hot drink.

This also helps as they will have to share a stove and two bags for two different people can be cooked together.

Remember that we now sell these ahead of your Expedition