Kit list

Full Uniform – we always travel to and from Camp in uniform

Coat hanger to keep uniform neat

Sleeping Bag

Carry mat

Wash kit and 2 towels

2 complete changes of clothing PLUS UNIFORM

Everyone should have a complete set of clothing and trainers for WET  activities and a complete set of clothing and trainers for DRY Activities.

Spare Plastic Bag for bringing home wet clothes on Sunday.

Warm jumper or sweatshirt

Fleece jacket

Boots (needed for most of the weekend)

Spare Trainers

Trainers for games (football etc)

Waterproof jacket and trousers

Torch (with working batteries),

Cup, plate, bowl and knife, fork and spoon.

Kit bag, Rucksack or Holdall you will not be carrying kit very far so a bag  may be better for access than a rucksack.(Please try to pack all items  inside and avoid if possible attaching items on the outside).

Spare Socks and Underwear

Sun Tan Lotion, (we hope)

Midge Repellent

Hat for the sun (or Rain) – particularly if you burn easily

Swimming Trunks or Shorts

Camp fire Blanket – if you have one

Water bottle for carrying water around during the day.

Any questions, just ask.

Please Don’t Bring…

Electronic Games and MP3 Players / Phones

Sweets Drinks and Snacks