Uniform – we always travel to and from Meggernie in uniform (Those who are still to be Invested – please pack your Neckie and woggle in your kit bag in preparation for Investiture during the weekend)

Make sure names are on all items of kit, including Uniform items.

  • Sleeping Bag.
  • Carry mat.
  • Any personal medication.
  • Wash kit and towel.
  • At least 3 complete changes of clothing ( as well as uniform).
  • It can be cold and wet on the hills and around the centre. You need a full set of clothes for each day and a set to wear in the centre in the evening.
  • Warm trousers for on the hills (not jeans, jeans should not be brought for any time over the weekend).
  • Warm jumper or sweatshirt.
  • Fleece jacket.
  • Boots (NOT TRAINERS).
  • 2 sets of boot socks (at least) + other socks for wearing with trainers around the centre.
  • Trainers (for around the centre).
  • Waterproof jacket and trousers.
  • Waterproof Gaiters (if you have them).
  • Warm hat & gloves.
  • Water bottle .
  • Flask (small).
  • Torch (pref Headtorch).
  • Black plastic bags for wet kit.
  • Spending Money (Small shop has badges and woggles etc. Suggest circa £5 but please bring it in change. Either use a wallet or a zip lock bag. Make sure name is on it)

Please read the kit list carefully and if anyone is short of kit please make sure a leader knows before we set off so that if necessary, items can be sourced.

Mp3 players and mobile phones. We do not mind them being used whilst travelling as long as earphones are used. Gaming while travelling is not recommended as we have had problems with scouts being sick on the very narrow, winding roads. All phones should be handed in on arrival and will be handed back as we depart for home. If there is some down time during the weekend they may get them back for a short while. There is no mobile phone signal at Meggernie.

Small rucsack or daysack for up the hills. It is best to pack clothes for the weekend in a holdall or other such bag as this makes it easier to access kit within, and easier and more efficient to load into the trailer. Please note bags with things tied to the outside of bags may well have them removed for packing in the trailer as they make it difficult to load.

Small snack and drink are acceptable for journey but please do not send your child with large amounts of sweets as this increases the risk of being travel sick.

Eating or drinking in the dorms is NOT permitted.

Please note there is no need to bring any knives etc to this camp, so please leave them at home.

In an emergency we can be contacted through the Warden 01887 866231

Any other questions please do not hesitate to contact the leader team

If anyone is unsure where Meggernie is please follow the link below to the Meggernie Scout Centre web site.