Camp/Trip fees

Payment for all camps and trips must be made in advance of the trip, unless an agreement has been reached with the trip’s responsible leader. Failure to meet payment deadlines may lead to forfeiture of reserved spots, and any overdue payment remains payable.

Please note that all deposits are non-refundable. In instances where a single payment is made for a camp or trip, this shall be regarded as a non-refundable deposit.

In general, other payments are also non-refundable, especially if cancellation occurs after a payment deadline has elapsed. If attendance is cancelled, the corresponding payment remains obligatory. By enrolling a young person for any trip or event, it signifies agreement to pay the full amount for that specific trip or event.

The Explorer Scout Leader may exercise discretion to waive payments in the following circumstances:

1. When a young person is erroneously enrolled and the mistake is reported to the ESL or AESL within 24 hours.
2. When mitigating circumstances exist (e.g., family emergency/illness), provided the group does not incur financial losses by doing so.

In certain situations, payment may be collected after a trip. In such cases, failure to make payment may result in the suspension of group membership until payment is settled. It’s important to note that canceling attendance for a trip does not exempt one from the payment obligation, unless an agreement has been reached with the Group Scout Leader or the trip’s responsible leader.

Non-Payment of Subs

In the event of overdue amounts, our leaders will send two reminders. If the outstanding balance remains unresolved after 21 days, an official letter or email will be dispatched. This communication will provide a 7-day notice period to complete the payment. It will also explain that if the payment isn’t received within the subsequent 7 days, discussions will be initiated with both the Explorer Scout Leader and the parent to address the matter, or to consider the possibility of terminating the Explorer’s membership.

Following a period of at least 7 additional days, a subsequent letter will be issued, formally terminating the membership. Once membership is terminated, the vacated spot will be offered to the next individual on the waiting list. Should you desire to rejoin the group, you will need to reapply and enter the waiting list anew.


In cases where parents/guardians express concerns about financial constraints, the unit will address the situation in line with the subsequent policy:

1. Deferred Payment or Instalments
Sectional leaders have the authority to consider deferring payments or arranging instalment plans based on their own discretion and in accordance with the circumstances.

2. Special Circumstances
Instances that involve larger amounts or recurring cases will be brought to the attention of the District Explorer Commissioner for further evaluation and discussion.